My girl sim got married and then literally everyone in town called her asking her on a date. Even her brother….

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So, I’m looking for someone to take over this blog. 

I’ll be leaving the SGW life altogether, but don’t want this blog to get deleted.

so if anyone would like the carry the torch for me;
please apply within.

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Toilet Thief 

When my friend comes over, we tend to play Sims 3. I had a game for the ps3, and we had created sims based off ourselves. We bought a fairly cheap house, but were left with very little money, living paycheck-to-paycheck (partially because her sim was an author while mine had the lowest position in the police force and didn’t have much time or energy for a speedy promotion). This wasn’t a problem until one night, when a thief snuck in the house. My friend and I desperately tried to wake up our sims in time, but the thief got away, stealing our toilet. We only had enough funds for a toilet or a burglar alarm, so we settled on the toilet, figuring the thief wouldn’t return. The next night, the thief returned. Before our sims could wake up, he once again stole our toilet. Because my sim had worked that day, we had just barely enough for another toilet. We hoped that we would have time to earn more money before another disaster. Unfortunately, the next night, the thief returned again and took the toilet once more.

We had to sell our (broken) TV along with a lot of other furniture to build up the money for a new toilet. Luckily, the thief didn’t come back after that, so our new toilet was left in peace and we could actually save up money.

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Burglary prevented 

So my legacy founder was asleep and I didn’t have the sound on for some reason. Luckily I happened to look down at the front of the lot just as a burglar was sneaking up. I panicked for a moment since I didn’t have an alarm but then I grabbed him with an NPC controller that I had downloaded. He stood around and cried after I cancelled the burgle action, my sim left for work and I had the burglar call himself a taxi. Just as he got into the taxi I stopped controlling him and he left th lot and the buy and build catalogues were accessible again.

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So one fine day during the summer I decided to do a test in Sims 3.

I made a family of three stereotypical brothers of the same age: One was a handsome, attractive blonde with only the best traits (Genius, Charisma, Lucky, Ambitious, etc), the second was a nice-looking black-haired guy with glasses who was secretly evil (Genius, Evil, etc), and the last was a skinny pale guy, I think he had light blonde hair, who had only the most unfortunate traits (Unlucky, Loner, Cowardly, things like that.)
All three brothers had very good relationships with eachother.

I was going to see who would end up the most successful sim, since I noticed the cowardly and evil sims/characters I make end up with the most babes.

The evil brother predictably got a job being a criminal, buffing up, etc etc. Originally I was trying to keep this a mainly cheat-free save, aside from the money, but eventually I just froze the needs so he could constantly work out.

The unlucky brother joined the police, and was surprisingly incident-free. I was wondering if he would ever find out the evil brother was a criminal, but regardless they were both best friends.
If I remember correctly, he had at least one love interest. 

The handsome brother actually stayed unemployed most of the time, getting jobs then quitting them. He spent most of his time eating, sleeping and talking in the mirror, and rarely went outside or even wanted to go outside, so eventually I gave up on trying to get him a job and let him just lump around. For some reason he had a better relationship with the unlucky brother than the evil brother.

Unfortunately, recently I’ve had to uninstall Sims 3 to free up space since I only had one or two GB left, so the results of the test are still unknown. When I get it again though I think I’ll retry it.

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My sim didn’t know she was pregnant…but really wasn’t pregnant at all?  

Okay, so I was playing the sims with my female Genie sim, Jessi. She used ensorcel on her boyfriend, tried for baby, and broke up with him. When the ensorcel was over, he left, and his sim was no longer remembered by anyone in my household. She started having the symptoms of being pregnant. Then, since she is in the singer’s career, she performed a show, but turned pregnant on stage. After the show, she never had the pregnant moodlit, but her stomach started growing. When the baby was coming, she went to the hospital, teleported outside, went back in, teleported outside, and so on. I decided to just quit without saving…

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Bon Voyage, Mama Hemming 

So the first ever Sims I made were two young adult siblings and their elderly mother. This poor woman’s name was Mama Hemming.

Her troubles began a bit after I had installed Ambitions. She had just gotten fired from being a stylist for missing work too many times. We still needed more money, so she became an inventor. The second after both children had left for work, she began her first invention when she instantly caught on fire and died. The maid proceeded to come over and sweep up her ashes.

A while later, one of the children got the “Oh My Ghost!” opportunity. I used it instantly, and Mama Hemming lived once more and everything was great. That was until her troubles returned week later when she went to the bookstore. After a little while after I realized I never got any pop-ups for buying books. I checked to see where she was, and it my camera to the edge of the neighboorhood in the ocean. Apparently she felt like leaving the house…. or the country because she felt the need to seek refuge in international waters and never returned.

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I was bored one night playing the Sims 2 so I decided to have the dad sim take a taxi downtown. (I had the nightlife extension pack) anyways, once I was there, I was just standing outside a store when I noticed some guy that looked like a magician was there with a teenage girl. The magician kept tickling and talking to the girl so, sketched out, I made him selectable to see what he was up to. All he was able to do was tickle and talk to people so I made him unselectable again and turned my attention back to my sim. When I went to look for the magician and the teenager again, they were gone. As it was about 4 in the morning sim time, I had the dad sim call a taxi to go home. When I clicked the phone booth, one of the options was “report foul play.” I haven’t seen that girl or the magician man since.

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I had this sim with a romantic aspiration who ended up who-hooing the mail lady, marrying her and having 2 kids. I didn’t realize at the time that the aspiration is important so he was quite the unhappy guy. (Still, picking up the random mail-lady off the street was awesome)

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One day, many many years ago, I was playing the sims bustin’ out on gamecube. It was time for one of the sims to get up and go to work, so I went to cancel his sleeping action so that he wouldn’t miss the carpool. He repeatedly sat up in bed, screamed about being tired and hungry, and laid back down in bed. Even after loading an earlier save, this kept happening. I had to just delete the whole family.

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Sims Gone Wrong - Story Time!!

Hello, here is a blog purely for the story time events that had been happening over at SGW-Official.
Run by Illy
Please SUBMIT your stories, do not send them as ASKS.